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Board of Directors



​Robert Harris, DD, President

Eve Bolton, Vice President

Sharon Doering, PhD, Secretary

Sam Joseph, PhD, Treasurer

Nemat Moussavian, MD, Medical Director

Steve Sunderland, PhD, Executive Director

Jada Davis, Associate Director 

  • ​Caroline Hensley, MPH

  • Angelica Hardee, PhD

  • Susan Schmidt, PhD

  • Joe Link, MA

  • Shaunak Sastry, PhD

  • Kaitlyn Gerkin, MPH

  • Peter Mallow, PhD

  • Vanessa Allen Brown, PhD

  • Diana Mairose

  • Gerry Pottebaum

  • Tracey Collins, MSW

  • Connie Baker

  • Luz Schemmel

  • Dan Wayland-Guise

  • Rosalind Moore

  • ​Stephanie Dunning, PhD

  • Mary K Scaramucci, RDH, CDHC, MS

  • Joanne Wheat, MSW

​  ​  

Partner Agencies for 2021-2022: ​

  • ​​Over the Rhine Senior Services

  • Booth Senior Services

  • North Church-CAIN

  • First United Church of Christ

  • St. Vincent de Paul-Open School

  • City of Cincinnati Health Centers

  • Church Of The Resurrection 

  • Christ Church Cathedral 

  • University of Cincinnati Health-Lung Cancer Program

  • Talbert House

  • God's Favor Mobile Meals 

  • Interact For Health

  • CDC Foundation 

  • New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

  • Ohio Department Of Health

  • ​Urban Institute

  • ​OKI​

  • Truth and Destiny Church

  • People's Church

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